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For Lady Liberty SA to travel to the most marginalized and remote communities around the country.

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Access to Justice for All

2 out of 3 women in South Africa live in abject poverty.

Without access to basic legal education and legal information and service. We extend access to Justice to All and ensure poverty does not unjustifiably hinder this basic human right.


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From Software Developers, Finance gurus, Marketing experts, Lawyers and more.


Soweto Roadshow

R 55 455.00

Lady Liberty SA is a mobile legal office, travelling to underprivileged and remote communities to empower women with access to pro bono basic legal information and case resolution around Domestic Violence (Protection and Harassment Orders), Sexual Assault, Marriage (Customary vs. Civil: In and Out of Community of Property), Divorce (Process, Assets, Maintenance and Children’s Rights), Maintenance, Wills and Labour.

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Meet Nomasonto, mother of 3, with one of her little ones on her back, took 3 taxis from her home to the venue Lady Liberty's lawyers were working from. A beautiful smile, dimmed over the years. Her husband of 7 years started abusing her and since he is a police officer, he has a firearm at home. Seeking assistance with divorce, while we could commence the process for her instantly, her safety was our primary concern. Our cautionary approach was based on experience, instinct and common sense and after she informed us that he threatened to kill her should she try to divorce him, it became impossible to even consider divorce at this stage. As a result we advised her to first leave her marital home and seek a place of safety; a shelter for her and the kids, as she has no other support. Nomasonto needs us; she needs you. Her story is sadly not unique to us. Help us to help her.


recent causes

  • Lady Liberty Mobile App

  • South Africa

Mobile application that will connect lawyers to clients nationally.

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  • Roadshows

  • Gauteng

Help us reach women in poor and remote areas cannot access basic legal info & services.

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  • Domestic Violence

  • Gauteng

Let's decrease the high rate of domestic violence, educate women on the power of protection orders

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  • Marriage

  • Gauteng

As it is with any contract, the contract of marriage is binding.

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  • Divorce

  • Rocklands, Bloemfontein

Help ensure the process, asset distribution, child and spousal maintenance are handled equitably as possible.

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  • Maintenance

  • Gauteng

Every child deserves access to food, heatlth care, shelter, water and education. Help us ensure this.

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While we travel to different communities providing legal information and services, we are also leveraging off technology to disseminate our information. Therefore, our need for services and skills is not limited to lawyers, paralegals and law students but various desciplines like

  • Software Developers
  • Marketing & Sales Teams
  • Speakers, facilitators and coaches
  • Counselors, psychologists and medical doctors
  • Community liaison officers

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Corporate Events

We firmly believe that women in the Corporate setting also need to know their rights! While employed women earn a living, they are either inundated with other expenses or unable to access quality legal information for other reasons.


Microsoft SA

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Department of Justice

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